Blogging Sucks

I recently read Chuck Wendig’s blogging advice. It’s good stuff.

It first of all set me straight on the monkey taming blog I’d long wanted to do but have given up on as not culturally relevant or legal which was quite useful. More importantly, he addresses the necessity of blogging as a concept for a writer.

Most of the writers I know who are good writers aren’t consistent bloggers. I saw Amanda Palmer in concert last night who for part of the show talked about her dying blog and how other things are much more effective in allowing her to connect with her audience.

When I blog, I think I’m yearning for Geocities to come back and let us create little fun internet communities. That happened to me in an anonymous blog a decade or so ago with WordPress and that was great. Loved it. But I don’t think blogging is like that anymore. Plus Google Reader got assassinated by evil gnomes and thus we don’t really have a dominant RSS feeder. Good job on that one, gnomes.

I woke up a few weeks ago hating writing in all the various ways one can hate writing and I just wanted to write stuff I liked. I wrote a little manifesto that I’ll probably share eventually that has guided the conceit of a SECRET PROJECT I’m working on but the main point is, I don’t make enough money off books to hate writing them. So I’m going to write them for me. And you. Both of us. Go team.

So I have this blog that’ll be like “Hey here’s the news and occasional ramblings of the Patrick and any other people who make sense to have here” and that’s the blog. I’m more interested in webcomics, serial stories, interaction, and all sorts of other stuff. So welcome to my personal PR firm. It’s kind of weird but I think the key is this: to make blogging work for me, I have to make blogging work for me.

So I’ve got this new project in the works that should be posted and shared soon. It’s actually already soft launched but I want some more momentum on the creative side before I mention it.

I have a story coming out in the new Dirty Magick anthology from Lucky Mojo Press.

Balticon is in the works.

So… there. News. Enjoy! Watch this space or something. Huzzah.


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