F.A.Q. You

  • What is The Horde?
    • The Horde is a novel, a serialized musical audio podcast, and a force of preternatural destruction.
    • The novel is a transgenre adventure following the adventures of Bridan, a wandering swordsman with a mission, and Terry Chamden, a delusional cashier at your local supermarket, as they attempt to destroy the Horde. It contains elements of:
      • horror: the Horde brings twists the world around it to reflect the nightmares of nearby people.
      • urban fantasy:each story arc is based around encounters near or around a major population center on Earth or on Farrakan.
      • epic dark fantasy: the basic plot is a band of characters accepting the quest to destroy an ancient force of destruction.
      • science fiction: there is a specific “what if” statement with rules and stuff that explains why everything is happening the way it is. If Q from Star Trek gets to be science fiction, so does the Horde.
      • Poetry, Literature, and Surrealism: the narrator is an English major, wannabe writer, and the author loves Shakespeare. The story has themes.
    • The serialized podcast musical audio novel is in production and will be released by podiobooks.com. It is performed in a style mixing narration, poetry performance, and singing along with my acoustic guitar. It combines elements of beat poetry, epic sagas, folk music, and a touch of 90’s alternative. I’ve been told it’s different.
    • The Horde starts the novel as the main antagonist and there are many mysteries surrounding it. However it apparently has a huge army of zombie swordspeople and two headed wolves.
  • What are The Storyteller Chronicles?
    • The Storyteller Chronicles is a name I created to identify works that take place in a shared universe. They are primarily linked by a character known as the Storyteller who, while present in the Horde, has not yet been identified as such. No, it isn’t Terry. No, I’m not telling, yet.
    • Storyteller Chronicles tales are created without regard to genre due to the nature of the universe. The planned and completed works include some space opera, some straight epic fantasy, a planned seven book series of YA urban fantasy novels (of which two are roughly complete), numerous short pieces, and a rock opera.
  • What are The Thousand Heads?
    • The Thousand Heads is the musical arm of my creative interests. Usually it’s just me, but I’ve had the occasion to perform and record with some pretty interesting people. We’ve been a bit dormant since our last gig but I still record, produce, and sometimes play open mics under the name.
    • I get asked a lot what it means. I’ll post the Manifesto to youtube to clear things up. Oh wait, I did. Here’s a link to me performing it at a SAW open mic.
    • There’s more. It’s complicated. Let’s get a beverage and I’ll fill you in.
  • Email me at thousandheads @ gmail.com (no spaces)
  • Message @thousandheads on twitter. I am all about the twitter.
  • May the heads be with you.

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