A New Balticon Approaches. What might it herald?

So it’s been a long slog through a lot of paperwork but the Balticon schedule is finally being printed. It isn’t perfect but it’s as perfect as we could make it in that time. Between hotel confusion, massive changes in room availability, and me feeling extra ill for the past few months, it’s been an exciting and uncomplicated ride. /Sarcasm

So think my major takeaway from the process is that I need to cut back exactly what my duties are at Balticon. I think I did my best work on the convention when I was just helming New Media and even then I would have liked a co-conspirator to work on it. Turns out that’s likely to be happening with some new people offering to help out.

This year and last year I had at least three different hats and that’s a bit more than I think I’m really able to handle effectively when I’m also trying to work on my writing and other creative outlets. I notice I released substantially more content before I became Balticon staff than after and while I’m not certain one caused the other, it does feel that way when I want to work on my next project but I can’t stop thinking about what is going to go wrong in the database this time.

So what’s my schedule? Mostly spending time with the people I want to spend time with, I think. We’ll see how that goes. The last two Balticons I’ve been running around like crazy the entire weekend putting out fires. This year it looks like I’m not the head firefighter, which is okay. It’s a little scary when things transition from being all your responsibility to a shared responsibility- there is this fear of irrelevance when you’ve been seeing yourself as “the guy” for awhile and you start giving away control.

I like to think of it instead as taking back control of my own time. More time for building connections with people, more time to work on that group anthology I want to do, more time to finally get The Horde in print (you are not forgotten my dear Kickstarters!).

I guess that’s the big thing. I’m planning on doing less Balticon in terms of what my titles will be but in a way I’ll be doing more Balticon, better Balticon, since I’ll be able to focus on it more as well as fulfilling my own creative needs. Anyway, look me up at the convention. It’ll be good to see you. There’s been so many changes in the community this past year and I personally need to remember why I do the con work at all- to connect with cool people that matter to me.

So I guess I dedicate all my work on this year to PG Holyfield cuz I never did spend the time I should have with him and for me, in a way, he (along with all the other people we lost this year) is kind of the point of the thing.


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