State of the Head Union or… A Blog For The Sake of Blogging

I’m trying to get back in to blogging again. In a regular steady sense. A “I’ve taken my blog fiber and now can predict my blog movements” sense. That joke will either win or alienate readers. Either way, I’ll stay classy.

So let’s do the standard thing people do when their blogs aren’t updated in awhile. Let’s update!

The Headcast has been delayed for a few months. I’m still slogging through audio editing. I lost another audio editing partner to the perils of work and life so I’m doing it solo again. Given the long self indulgent takes I did while recording the first chunk of Horde chapters, there’s quite a bit to slog through. My goal was to have 2 out in January. I’m still hopping for one by Febuary first and then back to the regular schedule from then till the end of part one.

I’ve been writing as well. I’ve completed about a quarter of a new novel dedicatd in memory of P.G. Holyfield set in a universe where dreams and people survive in the near earth spirit world. It’s going well but needs to get finished.

Balticon progress. This is what people ask about. Well we’ve nailed down soe of the changes to the convention due to the massive renovation the hotel did. We simply have less space. I’ve got my form letter drafted for inviting potential guests and most importantly, there are other members of the literary team who are helping.

Health has been… better? More activity, less focus. You decide if that’s a good thing. I prefer focus. I think more stories get done and out there.

I’m finishing up a story submission for an anthology continuing a thread from last year’s Hounds of Tartarus from the Dirty Magick anthology.

Most exciting for me, I acquired an H5 and a nice new mic that hopefully that will help motivate me to do some new episodes. I know I should finish the Horde first. There’s lots of editing to be done on that part. We’ll see.

I’ve got some new ideas in the pipeline and hopefully a few  more of them will be coming out in the next few months. Thanks for not forgetting about me, internet. I am still here.

Till then, go read Paul Cooley’s The Black or something. I hear it’s pretty good. 


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