When Talking About The Weather…

I can remember at least three or four favorite songs from my teenage years that look down on the idea of “talking about the weather.” These songwriters were trying say we should find deeper connections between each other and have better conversations than “Gee it’s hot today.” followed by “And it’s hot too.”

Today, I will talk about the weather. This is the first day I have been able to leave my windows open in the house without the air conditioner (set to a strict 78 degrees) kicking on after a few minutes. I love it. I get to feel all the breezes. I get to hear all the neighborhood chitchat as the kids kick various objects back and forth (balls, backpacks, each other), and the routine squirrel on squirrel violence on the tree outside now comes with an exciting soundtrack. Seriously. Those squirrels are vicious.

Oh, how I missed the symphony of the chirping birds, the churning air conditioners, and the chunking helicopter rotors or the arguably fresh Northern Virginia air. It’s not fall yet but we have that lovely vibe that seems isolated only to spring and fall in this area. I love it.

So here I am, writing my first blog post in awhile, talking about the weather. I could talk about how the writing is going (6k words into a new story for an anthology), how the podcast is going (bring me the heads of the inventor of audio editing!), or how the Horde publishing quest is going (slowly, text editing and revision. Need to do more). But here I am, talking about the weather. Mostly because I want to. Mostly because it got me putting words on paper. Or maybe just because it’s kinda neat how what seems trivial to one writer can be the entire important point to another. Think about it.


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