The Horde Ep 3 Scavenger Hunt & Release Notes

Today I release episode 3 of the spoken word version of The Horde. You can find it here as part of the Headcast: or put into your podcatcher.

This episode contains one of my favorite passages in the book, one I had particular fun writing. It’s a little gruesome, a lot surreal, and required research into the basic structure of the human hand. It’s laced with vocabulary, metaphor, and lacy wafting curtains. I’m totally serious.

For this episode, I inaugurate the Horde scavenger hunt! Can you find the secret clue by fours hidden in Terry’s overwrought narrative? Email me with your best answers and the winner gets recognition, gloating rights, and high fives when next we meet. Here’s what the scavenger hunt list for in episode 3:

1. What is the name of the song Oren sings that Terry finds familiar?

2. Why did the girl’s power initially attract then repel Terry?

3. Who was shaking the snowglobe and how did they do it?

You may have to use your brains on this one but I assure you, all the information you need is available in the released episodes, the world you live in, or some combination of the two. Good luck!


*Spoilers Below*

A brief “story so far”in case you need it:

Bridan travels the dying world of Farrakan, seeking to destroy an evil force called the Horde. On Earth, Terry watches over Bridan in his dreams as his life falls to pieces around him.

Following their escape from the Darkling Hunter, Bridan has given Oren an explanation about why the Horde is after him. He may even have told the truth. On Earth, Terry takes a massive amount of sedatives so he can continue his vigil over the walker uninterrupted, abandoning all ties to our world even as the police continue investigating Tanya’s death.

Enjoy the episode!



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