10top Exciting(?) Things To Expect From Episode 3!

Episode 2 of the Horde gave us a murder mystery, a grim reaper, an answer to the question “What is Bridan’s quest?”, and a heroic dive into unconsciousness. Episode 3 arrives Friday. I can warn you what to expect but it won’t make it any easier but try to prepare yourself anyway. Here’s some hints:

1) Our hero heroically coming to terms with his own basic inadequacy!

2) Dream-things oozing the liquid ether of delusion, painted the color palette of a bruise!

3) A Volvo P-1800!

4) A sandwich assembled by something more machine than man!

5) Details on which parts of T. H. White’s The Once and Future King have been made into movies accurate enough to pass tests in English class!

6) Oren comforting Bridan like a mother after he has a horrible nightmare! Not really.

The real 6) A bard using vocabulary lessons to mock a dark swordsman!

7) A soot covered stuffed polar bear!

8) The voice in Terry’s head revealing the truth of why it chose him! (hint: he’s just a lucky fluke)

9) A psychic snow globe of unfulfilled dreams!

10) The word “Drugs!” in bright shiny letters on posters and stickers, accompanied by an enthusiastic thumbs up!

Subscribe to the Horde, currently being released as part of the Headcast, at http://headcast.libsyn.com/ or put http://headcast.libsyn.com/rss into your podcatcher.


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