Listener Discretion Is Not Advised: The Horde Lives!

If you haven’t been listening to the Horde, I’m impressed that you’re still alive. However, episode three of the Horde releases this Friday (6/21/2013). Hope you’re listening for your own sake. Here’s a taste of what you’ve been missing if you haven’t been:

1) A dark swordsman whose cloak has never met a wound he could not sew!

2) Discount milk and eggs giving hope to a man trapped in a suburban retail nightmare!

3) A renaissance faire for the down and out!

4) Abyssal Torture!

5) An archaic 1940s Smith Corona typewriter used to write vague articles about modern disaffection!

6) Fleetwood Mac! A legendary hero of ancient myth and master of the quarterstaff, whose legendary speed with the weapon earned him the name “Fleetwood.” This might be a lie.

The Real 6) Insomnia! Hypersomnia! At the same time!

7) Shadow puppets on the ceiling!

8) Epic and hot Bard vs Zombie action!

9) A complex mystery that refuses to go easy on the listener or talk down to the audience. You want the truth? Figure it out for yourself!

10) Detailed coded instructions essential for surviving the end of the universe as we know it. The knowledge contained in the Horde is not optional, therefore, listener discretion is not advised.

Episode Three promises a godlike entity that claims to be telling the truth behind this surreal dreamscape while our hero reveals more of his bizarre powers that might give him, and us, our only chance for hope.

Find the Horde at

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You can also listen to episode 1 right here while looking at the lovely cover by Starla Huchton:


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