It’s a Balticon Revolution! Plethoras for all!

You say you want a revolution? No? You’re happy with how things are? Too bad! Revolution has been forced upon you and now we will take your chickens for the cause! What am I babbling about now? Balticon, of course!

A new Triforce of Power has emerged in the wastelands of Maryland, which isn’t really that new considering 2/3 of the Triumvirate has been involved with Balticon’s Literary or New Media programming for years. But here it is, the big announcement you didn’t even know you were waiting for:

For Balticon 48, the leadership of the Literary track and New Media track have become of one mind (but not one body- science wasn’t ready). I, your humble generalissimo Patrick Scaffido have the title of Literary & New Media Coordinator. I will be heading up both Literary and New Media tracks, doing pre-game planning, selecting guests and panelists, and, trying to take over the world.

Meanwhile, Jonette Butler, former mastermind of the Literary Track, has become the Program Specialist or something like that (I wrote down her title but lost the piece of paper. Jonette- do you remember what it was?). If you don’t know Jonette, she was what made the Literary track run for years. She also had more hats than heads and knows a lot about the Dark Secrets of Balticon. We couldn’t let someone like that roam free so she will stay involved in guiding the Literary Program.

Returning from the distant darkness of deep space, Paul Fischer, New Media Ninja, returns to New Media programming to help bring darkness where once there was light. I’ll coordinate, he’ll assassinate. ‘Nuff said.

So what does this mean for the con? Well, the average congoer might notice more authors and literary guests on their New Media panels and more podcasters and New Media personalities on their literary panels. A few panels might change designation. But otherwise the only thing they should notice is an increase in the awesome.

For guests and prospective guests, this means if you want to be a Literary (Writer, Reader, Editor, Publisher) guest or a New Media guest, you send me an email saying “Hey, I’d like to be a guest.” My email is thousandheads at The first test is to take that and replace the word “at” with an @. There will be more tests. No, you will not be required to defeat New Media Ninjas in single combat. Maybe.

That’s also how you’d send comments, suggestions, improvement ideas, panel ideas, event ideas, or bribes.

We do this for the con. I have personally spoken with the other two members of our little ¡Three Amigos! and we are all ready for the challenges this presents. Give me your imaginations for a moment and imagine Jonette, Paul, and I in stylishly heroic western outfits pruning the hedges of many small villages. Wait,  might have gotten distracted there but you get what I’m saying.

Anyway, expect the best or the worst, as is your preference, but be prepared to have your mind blown. We will have a plethora of programming  for you come next Balticon, assuming I know what a plethora is.


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