New Content Everywhere! My conquest of Youtube has begun!

In the dark days of 2012, I didn’t really know anything about Youtube. I still don’t, but now I’m vlogging there. You can find my channel at

More importantly, The Headcast finally live in iTunes, which is a yay thing, right? That means all you have to do find the Horde (spoken word) and other stories I plan to tell later is to search in iTunes. If you’re an antiTunes person, then you can always copy into your favorite podcatcher for the same result.

More importantly, my cold is getting better so I can talk again! Which means we’ll be recording the final chapter of the Horde season 1 next week. Episode 2 just came live so I hope you’re listening. Unlikely the musical version, still available at podiobooks, and intended to be resumed in synch with the spoken word version, you’re supposed to at least somewhat understand what is supposed to be going on in my surrealistic epic dark urban fantasy self-help audio book! No concept album nonsense here!

I’m feeling very exclamation point today, in case you can’t tell. Despite the perils of the horrible cough and some hiccups in the production line of the podcast, it’s a pretty good time to be a Head.

Even Stuff of Damocles is getting some love, which is pretty cool considering how insane an idea it is. It’s perfect for the thousandheads-stylee. It’s not a submissions call, it’s more a literary potluck where all the cooks are madmen and madwomen and madothergenders who rock their madheads for the awesome. In case you can’t tell, I’m still taking cough medicine. Or maybe I’m like this all the time.

Time travel will do that to you, I suppose. All this new media madness has me dragging out the recording studio I put together awhile ago so maybe once all my body parts regenerate I’ll even record a new album. It’s been too long and I have all these love songs about zombie time traveling rebels battling vampire enforcers from the dark future so, you know, it could be fun.

Now I just have to figure out this silly promotion thing. Don’t trust Kevin Costner people. Just cause you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. Or.. does it?



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