SUBMISSION CALL: Stuff of Damocles!

Aren’t you tired of the phrase “Sword of Damocles” being thrown around like it’s an allusion to something? I know I am. Wait, what, it actually is a reference? So Damocles wasn’t actually a king or anything but some dude who was put on a throne and had a sword hung over his head while he had a temporary taste of wealth? Huh. Check the wiki if you don’t believe me. It’s kind of a neat story. So what does this have to do with submission calls?

Well, it’s time for the first ever Headcast/Thousandheads open call for submissions. Based on a disturbing conversation with Twitter’s Uncle Monster in a conversation started but the ever “not knowing what she’s getting in to” Starla Huchton, we bring you THE STUFF OF DAMOCLES!

I mean, he was king even if only for a little while. What else did he have? Plates? Thrones? I have a story about a Hammer of Damocles myself. So submit your stuff. It can be a song, a poem, a piece of art a story, a flash piece, a whatever, to Stuff I like will be published through either or the Headcast as appropriate (though most likely the Headcast).

You don’t have to do literal Damocles, oh no. You want to do some sort of modern reinterpretation where the Earrings Of Damocles are a metaphor for the spread of AIDS in the 1980’s? Sure, whatever. Just make it good. Also, make sure you’re actually familiar with the original story so read the wiki. Points off if you think Damocles was actually the main king dude.

Oh here’s a quote from Cicero you may find inspiring:

“Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?”

We take whatever rights we need to either blog it or podcast and leave it up in the blog/podcast indefinitely and give only credit. This is mostly for fun and maybe name recognition. So get writering or drawering or whatevering! The power is yours! Deadline is July 1st, 2013 unless I say otherwise.

Suggested things that I’d like to hear about:

Moist Towlette of Damocles

Pocket Watch of Damocles

Throne of Damocles

Horse of Damocles

Third Cousin of Damocles

Twitter Account of Damocles

Spring Onion of Damocles

Pawn Shop of Damocles

Headache of Damocles

List of  Ideas for Stuff Belonging to Damocles

Thanks for playing and remember to submit!



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