Giant Flaming Skulls Inspire Me To Change My Ways: Time to make my websites pretty

He woke one morning to survey his vast media empire and released it had splintered into a dozen unrelated social sites and was also rather ugly. That’s when he said “This sucks. Something has to change.”

This is the (short) story of how I realized I totally need to change my clothes, if clothes were a metaphor for website design, promotion, and advertising style.

See, I have this really awesome book cover designed by Starla Huchton. I’ve started a youtube video series of video game playing that alternates between deep/insightful and boring/self-indulgent. I’ve started the Headcast, the official thousandheads podcast and have the first chapter of the Spoken Word version of the Horde on it. Good stuff was happening to Head Zero of the Thousand Heads (me).

But all was not happy in Headville. So I went around in a panicked frenzy a few days ago and revamped a few things. Updated the Facebook page and shared it with people, added an image to the youtube channel, altered the landing page for the Horde so it took you to either the podcast or the musical version on podiobooks. Then on the seventh day (or like 2 pm) I rested and surveyed my works and said, “This sucks.”

So I did what any modern intelligent sensitive man would do: I went on twitter. Luckily a few people heard my cries of terror and there’s gonna be a few changes ’round here, mostly inspired by Nobilis Reed and/or Robin: Master of Scissors. These are real people, not imaginary friends. Seriously. They’re on twitter. Check them out. They have brains and stuff. @nobilis and @robinsounder if I recall correctly.

I have a visual style for my first project now thanks to Starla and now the thing is to unite my pages so they seem interconnected or at least created by the same dude. So what’s the first step? Make sure everything is 100% thousandheads and right now the head du jour is from the book cover: giant flaming skulls. Starla probably didn’t know how well that fits with the motifs I’ve planned for the future.

So expect some changes, some deworditization (I was told my pages are too wordy and I agree), and a sketch of a ninja battling a kitty cat in a cowboy hat because I want to draw one. It’ll probably suck. Anyway, that’s my thought for the day.


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