The Most Genius Idea I Have Ever Stolen: Morning Coffee

I discovered I hate writing blogs. I love writing poems, stories, songs, graffiti, and pretty much everything else EXCEPT blogs. To solve this problem I have created the most genius idea I have ever stolen: my new youtube series Morning Coffee.

It’s a video blog. Everyone has one these days but this video blog offers three special things:

1. I have deep thoughts as I play video games. Hear me pontificate about life while I slay orcs. Or maybe I’ll just complain about how tired I am while I slay orcs. Or talk about the latest creative project while slaying orcs. You get the idea.

2. I get to PLAY VIDEO GAMES WHILE PRETENDING I AM CREATING CONTENT! That’s right! I do what I would normally do in the morning: drink coffee and play games like Monster’s Den or Fallen London or Analogue: A Hate Story and still give you more of what you want: ME! (I just used up all of my ego points on that one. Whoops.) Seriously, though, much of what I’d want to blog about but wouldn’t because blogging is blogging ends up in these only with sound effects and orc slayage and commentary and special guest stars.

3. Pontification! I pontificate the heck out of these videos. I mean many deep thoughts about failure, regret, happiness, drama, successful use of the pomodoro method and more! All set to a rockin’ video game playin’ beat. It’s downright inspirational how I can take my two favorite morning vices and turn them into what appears to be socially acceptable content release on a regular schedule.

And if any of it ends up really good, maybe I’ll capture the audio and sell it on ebay. I’m such a shill. Anyway, it’s a little silly, a little exhausted, and was fun to film so hopefully it’ll elicit giggles, delight, and spirits of hope filling your soul.

Oh? You’d like me to include episode one here? Why certainly!



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