I Don’t Normally Make Announcements, But When I Do…

So this blog and my twitter and generally everything thousandheads has been rather quiet for awhile. I’ve received a few inquiries about the new media track for Balticon as well as concerning the podcast and the book. So, here’s the important stuff:

1) New plans regarding the podcast being redone as a regular reading are getting off the ground due to my hand injury. Very sad but also awesome. Plus it’ll be the whole book released at once for free.

2) Regarding guests for Balticon New Media, I’ve connected with some people with unofficial invites but by “to contact” list is very long. I may just not have gotten to you yet. If you’re anxious about whether you’re on my to contact list, drop me a line via twitter @thousandheads or email thousands at gmail.com to let me know you want to come.

3) You can also volunteer other people who do New Media stuff you think is cool. If you have a thought, drop me a line.

It’s too early I think for me to give a definitive list of people but there will be some pretty interesting new faces along with some familiar people. Please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for checking in.

This has been a special message from your humble Deputy Head of New Media, me.


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