Someone asked me the other day, “Why don’t you blog no more?” I corrected their grammar with a chainsaw.

Someone asked me the other day, “Why don’t you blog no more?” I corrected their grammar with a chainsaw.

I've been told any good blog post starts with bikinis, chainsaws, and delicious sweets

Not quite like this.

To say I’ve been busy is a bit of an understatement. My brother got married in Hawaii and immediately forbade me from posting any photos of said wedding or related shenanigans. Then he was so married that he had to have a second wedding reception stateside to celebrate just how blissful his weddedness is.

People who’ve kept up with the blog don’t need a reprise of my health issues so I’ll just hop, skip, jump, and polevault over them in honor of the Olympics.

The true hero of Plants vs Zombies

Exactly like this.

Suffice to say my hand is feeling better to the point that episode 21 of The Horde being released in the next few weeks is a solid possibility, complete with the bizarre musical holistics you’ve come to expect hif you’ve kept up with the podiobook. This suggests I should try to find my podiobooks password, doesn’t it?

The true secret of the "Justin Bailey" conspiracy remains hidden to this day.

No wait, I remember it now.

Despite my internet silence apart from spreading the love for webcomics far and wide through the twittertubes, I’ve not been completely remiss from creative projects. So for those hardcore headcases that care, here’s some info:

Kickstarter Backers will be receiving E-book versions of the first quarter of the Horde in the next month. I’ m massively behind on this but this shall be my opening salvo in catching up and making amends.

Secret Project #1 is proceeding nicely through the early outlining stages and hopefully well result in a fun little app for your browser to play around with written by yours truly.

Secret Project #2 is still very very early stages. Thus, secret. But it may involve comics. You know, since I’ve been obsessed about them lately.

Secret Project #3 has found willing victims who may not know what they’re in for. The Horde RPG will have it’s first character generation session this coming Wednesday where the early ideas get vetted to see just how well they work. So far everyone likes the way they sound. More on this later since I’ll be posting the information as I gather it (both for the players and for other interested parties). I posted a bit about this before but now I’ve got hard and fast details.

Plus the Horde RPG is exciting for me because I’ll be using it to flesh out the world of Farrakan and set other stories there. The Horde never explores it to the degree I’d like and it’s one of the better fantasy worlds I’ve designed. Plus it’s built to be my unique surreal take on sword and sorcery. I don’t remember the reason I never delved as much as I wanted to into the background of Farrakan.

Not a spoiler. It was foreshadowed from like chapter 1. Seriously.

No wait, I remember it now .

Some of my attention (but not nearly enough) has been taken up by being the Deputy Head of New Media for next year’s Balticon. Hopefully I’ll get some more stuff ironed out and share-able on that but I’m still figuring out the details myself. No one has responded to my suggestions about have a November Balticon New Media Sleepover + Marshmallow Roast but I’m hoping it’s just people being busy or the fact that I never actually sent the email.

Production of the podiobook musical will resume shortly a drastically reduced pace. After injuring my hand and losing most of my data (along with making not one but three computers explode) I will want to keep this relaxed so I don’t end up injuring myself again. Musician friends of mine are a little shocked when they realize that it basically totals 20something 30 minute albums composed, recorded, edited, and released in the space of six months. I felt like sometimes the quality suffered form the pace so I’ll be going back at a slightly slower one. Plus, there was some reason that I needed to figure out how to record all over again. Something happened to my old set up… what was it? I can’t recall…

I went to buy this on gettyimages but couldn't find it. Let me know if you do. I like it.

No wait, I remember it now.

So in terms of what the blog will be, it’ll most likely end up as a periodic centerpiece of ideas and thoughts that don’t belong anywhere else as well as news about what I’m up to. Also featuring bad jokes and random images strewn about liberally.

I’m taking bets on how long I’ll keep updating in this particular series. Please make your guesses and wagers in the comment section. Also mention if you’d prefer a marshmallow roast or a weenie roast. Till next time,



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