How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The Con: Balticon 46 was full of strange people I loved to meet

Ah, Balticon. What can I say about Balticon that hasn’t already been said?

How about that I met a lovely half human half rhinoceros creature with a taste for cardigans and our wedding was officiated by that person with the cool “I’m a Tardis box” costume.

What can I say about Balticon that is true and relevant that hasn’t already been said?

Heck, I don’t know. Suffice to say that for the second year in a row I enter Balticon a little worse for wear and unproductive and leave it inspired, energized, and with a huge pile of new ideas (not too mention twitterpeople to follow).

To the people who have taken the time to follow up on meeting me to read this blog, thanks and welcome. There’s a ridiculous number of shout-outs and awesome mentions that would need to be done to fully do justice to the great people that happened.

So here’s just a taste:

My first time being a panelist and con guest was exciting. Having the opportunity to discuss my theories about betrayal politics in Stargate SG-1 contrasted with environmentalism in the works of H. Beam Piper with people who are actually interested and knowledgeable. This beats talking about the gender politics of action figures with five year olds at Toys R Us, even if only slightly.

My memory is spotty, but I believed I succeeded in my questionable goal of working references to Charmed into every panel I was on. While some wondered what Charmed has to do with politics, the support from Guest of Honor Jody Lynn Nye in spreading the word of the Charmed gospel was integral to the success of my fiendish plan. Also, it was funny.

It looks like this rumored thing with me being heavily involved with planning and officiating the Balticon new media track next year is pretty much going to happen. This is exciting and gives me a very solid excuse to randomly message my favorite podcasters asking them bizarre questions. I’m an introvert. I need excuses to open my mouth, see.

I did manage to have a two second conversation with my Balticon crush (a “Balticrush”, if you will). I’m not naming names but I did manage to get out a solid “hi, liked your comments” while momentarily sharing an elevator. Introvert. Look it up. That’s me.

I don’t really know how to begin the shout-outs to the awesome people I met, messed with, and played panel-buddies with. There’s too many. I’m going to try. If I don’t mention you, I still loved you and will gladly give back that thing I stole from your bag.

The Channel 37 guys Paul Lagasse and Gary Lester were my multi-panel superbuddies and they are hilarious. I have their book. I want to read it. They have a blog. Check it out.

Moderating Erotic Mad Libs was an experiencing and hopefully I didn’t offend my copanelists Doc Coleman and Starla Hutchton with repeated propositions during the event. After all the talk of tusks and throbbing pinky toes, I just couldn’t control myself. The best part is, as much as I love the erotica writers I meet and enjoy their work as well as their company, I usually don’t have much to add to the discussion so it was great to be a part of it. I particularly have to thank Nobilis for suggesting I sign up for that panel, even if he thought I was someone else when he said that.

I finally got copies of Helen Madden’s Moustachequerade and while it isn’t The Little Death, the podcast novel that concluded her run on Heatflash before she went on hiatus to focus on visual art last summer, it’ll tide me over. I also found that since I’m a Care Bear in Human Form (CBHF) I have to watch out for her. She claims to mutilate us CBHFs. She’s Cynical Woman, after all.

I hugged Paul Cooley but didn’t realize it was him since he had a haircut. The whole time I was thinking about Jake Bible though. It’s a thing.

I wish I could remember his name but this one panelist, James Maxey, wrote a book about superheroes punching out dragons. Repeat needed. SUPERHEROES PUNCHING OUT DRAGONS! I know the panel had further discussion on other topics and I may have even said stuff, but the words “SUPERHEROES PUNCHING DRAGONS” is pretty much the only thought I’ve had in my head since that moment.

Of course regrets. The biggest would be the chinese buffet that ended up leaving me unable to attend Kim the Comic Book Goddess’s concert. If I could Go Back In Time (one of my fav songs of hers), I totally would. At least I got to in person meet her.

The list goes on. And on. I’m dead tired and brain is currently maid of a yogurty substance but I really wanted to inject this blog with something the moment I returned to my secret lair to help make you new people feel welcome. So welcome. Let’s talk about crazy things.

And if you’ve never been to Balticon and you’re a content creator of scifiish stuff, then you should. It’s a shot in the arm filled with enthusiasm and butterflyrainbowpuppygothflowers.

As Nobilis Reed said when asked for an “awesome noun” for madlibs, “Convention.” Balticon is a convention to remember. Unless, like me, you forgot most of it. Whiskey.

PS: Double shout out to Geek Stereotype (aka “Hyun”) for letting me pose his Dr Who action figures in a conga line. Pics to follow. Oh yes. Much love,


5 thoughts on “How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The Con: Balticon 46 was full of strange people I loved to meet

  1. I should write down my memories right now before I forget too much. Yes, I am at that age… and wine, you know. 😉

    It was lovely meeting you. See you next year for more mischief ?

  2. Hey now, I think I did a decent job facilitating your “Charmed” proselytizing during the brief amount of time we actually managed to spend in the same room. 😉

    Thanks for participating on my panel. It was a blast, and I think you guys kept everyone laughing and interested.

  3. @Lucie- I know last year I wish I had written down so much that is now forgotten. Maybe we’d remember more without wine, but would there be as much worth remembering?

    @Reesa- I can’t believe I didn’t mention you for the Charmedness. Also, +500 awesome moderator points. Prepared, giving, balancing panelists and audience members, oh yes it was awesome.

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