Author Interviews Fictional Character: Kellen Frey of The Slipstream Con

That's Kellen in the corner, losing his probation.

In a complete violation of continuity of Michelle Moore and S. Reesa Herberth‘s The Slipstream Con, I have succesfully snuck aboard Tal and Vanya’s spaceship seeking to interview protagonist Kellen Frey, famous artist and intrepid collector of antiquities. He has broken hearts across the Ylendrian Empire and, in an unusual twist fate, his captors have forced him to wear a plain blue disposal jumpsuit. At least he wears it well.

Me: Tell us Kellen, considering that your reputation is primarily as an artist and art collector, what comment do you have about the immense bounty the Empire has for your capture?

Kellen Frey:  While I’m flattered by the time and effort the Empire has spent attempting to capture and imprison me, I have to wonder if it wouldn’t be better spent searching for the person who actually committed the crimes.

Me: I have to agree. My organization recently received authentic documents that assert that you could not have been even in the same system for many of the crimes you are charged with but the authorities refuse to review them. Ah the travesty of justice in the Empire.

Me: Your decision to turn yourself, considering that you are innocent, surprised many of your fans. Given that, what do you hope this will do for your case?

KF: As to why I turned myself in, I’m afraid that my sense of discretion won’t allow me to reveal that.  It would place a very dear friend in a potentially tricky position.

ME: The Ylendrians Against Kellen Frey’s Unfair Criminal Kidnapping, Execution, or Restraint Society has started a legal defense fund in the hopes you will fight this in court and be declared innocent. Would you accept their money?

KF: If I hadn’t been convicted already, I’d gladly accept those funds to finance my legal counsel.  As it stands, they may be better off deposited into a trust account linked to my prisoner ID.  I hear that cigarettes are still the going currency.

ME: Some of our readers have mentioned they are quite curious about your scar. May we take some scandalous photos and learn the story behind it?

KF: If pressed, I’m willing to admit that there have been times when I’ve found that scars on certain individuals carry a kind of rugged charm, but I can’t say that I feel the same way when it’s my own skin.  I prefer to stay blemish-free.  Perhaps your readers have mistaken me for someone who might possess an unfortunate disfigurement? As for scandalous photos, I’m quite certain the striking uniform that the Imperial Prison System requires would fit that description perfectly.

ME: In case of your eventual capture, I have a list of 500 names on a waiting list to provide you with conjugal visits.

ME: So many of us are wondering, what’s next for Kellen Frey? We’ve heard rumors of that CBS is looking to revive it’s Saturday Morning animated programming by having you star in a series of Stainless Steel Rat style heist adventures along with Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. Care to address the rumor?

KF: Well, my current plans are in flux, though I can confirm that they don’t include prison time.  And while the cartoon series sounds interesting, I can’t say that I really want that sort of recognition.  I prefer to be known, or not, for my own art, rather than someone’s wild fantasies about what I may or may not have been up to.  Like Tal and Vanya.  I don’t know where they came up with half the things they think I’ve done.  I’m only one man, after all.

ME: Well, regarding wild fantasies of what you may or may not have done, I’m certain Tal and Vanya have quite a lot to say. What’s the strangest thing they’ve fantasized about you doing (or doing to you)?

KF: Personally, I find their fantasy of me going to prison rather disturbing.

ME: Could you tell as about your art- style, influences, methods? Where do you draw your inspiration?

KF: I tend to work either in very small pieces, or very large ones, and the larger works are often a cohesive set of smaller scenes.  I like classical lines, realism, but I often use those styles to reflect the fanciful.  Inspiration comes from everywhere- surely you’ve heard the thought that a good artist borrows, but a great artist steals?

ME: I’ve recently heard rumors of a prequel or sequel. Can you comment on this matter?

KF: You couldn’t be suggesting that there’s more than the eternal now, could you?  My early years, without the stabilizing influences I now enjoy, might make for good story fodder, I suppose.  As for what’s to come– well.  We’re exciting people.  I’m sure something interesting is bound to happen.

ME: One thing I’ve often wondered when it comes to incredibly charismatic protagonists of co-written series- Who do you prefer being written by, Michelle or Reesa? Or do you prefer both at the same time? And do you think I could squeeze more dirty jokes into this paragraph?

KF: I’m not sure what you’re squeezing, but that’s okay, I have a good imagination.  No need to elaborate.  My personality might make it seem like anything goes, but I really prefer constancy.  No matter what outside influences I may be working with, it all comes down to a certain strength of character that keeps things running smoothly in my world, and that’s all me, no matter what invisible hand seems to be guiding the universe that day.

We were distracted by other matters but as this is not Author/Fictional Character Slash Fiction, I have skipped ahead to the part where I narrowly escaped capture and death but did manage to get a fetchingly pleasant but indecent pencil sketch of Vanya from Frey.

Kellen Frey and his captors star in The Slipstream Con, an intergalactic adventure and romance by Michelle Moore and S. Reesa Herbeth and is released by Samhain.

You may purchase the ebook from the publisher, for the Kindle at Amazon, or for the Nook from Barnes & Noble. The print version releases on March 6 and may be pre-ordered at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

All proceeds will go to free falsely accused artists throughout the universe.

DISCLAIMER: I won a copy of the print version in a contest awhile back. I haven’t gotten it yet and bought my own copy from Amazon. I sometimes have coffee with the authors. They’re fun people.


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