I Have Documentation Writing Came First

Whoever decided being a writer should cause depression needs to be fired from the Office of Reality Control. I have documentation that the writing came first. Between writing camps and major participation in my junior high literary magazine, I’ve been into words since forever.

This past month the blog has taken a back seat and largely due focus on other areas: revision, family, music, getting out of bed, dealing with being ill, etc. I think most of the time I prefer writing essays and books to blogging and usually would rather comment on your blog than post on mine.

That said, this blog is far from dead and more will come here as soon as I get over my perfectionist streak that says “write something brilliant before you blog it.” The new year bringssome exciting new opportunities and partnerships.

For me the highlight is the last of the beta reader comments on my ebook trickling in. While that means that January will include exciting editing action as I prep the Horde part 1 of 4 ebook for release, it also means I’m really starting to tighten up the story and finalizing things I’ve been wroking on since those junior high litmag days.

Everything comes full circle, especially writing. Lately, I find the best way to fight being sick and depressed is continue the circle of writing. The more the writing is out there, the better I feel. It isn’t medicine, but it’s something. Hope you’re continuing to progress on your personal goals as well. I’d love to hear about them- maybe in the comments below?


2 thoughts on “I Have Documentation Writing Came First

  1. I find this is so true for me; in part writing acts as a catharsis for me, letting me vent or address things that build up in my daily life or my past. But I feel an enormous sense of depression whenever I finish a project. Dispersing the need to write and spreading it across a couple of outlets really seems to help. If I can’t write fiction I can blog or tweet, or comment, like this.

  2. Yeah. I both feel better and worse when finishing a project- whether it was Nanowrimo, my first novel, or even the edits of a chapter. Generally it leads to an upward trajectory for me if I can maintain it.

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