I finished #nanowrimo early. Here’s how I did it.

I started off trying to write the average number of words per day. Does anyone actually do this? Instead I only kept up by doing two or three thousand words. But I found myself 25 thousand words behind at start of the last full week. So I went to various small write ins over the week and then Saturday said, rather brashly at the Caribou Coffee write in, that I was going to finish “tomorrow.”

One of my fellow nanos said, “Hey, so you must be pretty close to being done then, right?” When I told her I was only halfway to the finish line she kind of laughed and rolled her eyes. No one quite said it was impossible, but between that and having previously challenged myself to beat Nathan Lowell’s one day record of twenty four thousand words, I was pretty driven.

So basically, the way I finished Nano was by making some pretty bold statements about how fast I can write and then chose to be as stubborn as a mule (my well written original similes were all eaten by my nano novel so don’t expect any here). I plugged away till I was done. I think I spent about 20 hours total over the weekend at coffee shops drinking way too much coffee. I was in poor shape at the end. However I had finished nano and written my second novel.

Moral of the story: Be stubborn. If someone suggests it might be too hard, use that as fuel because hey, it’s fun to prove people wrong.

It helps to be watching or reading something like One Piece where the main character  makes bold egotistical statements about how they will be the king of pirates (or in my case, poets) and then has to back it up by getting beaten to a pulp.

I also watched a lot of He-Man so I could tell myself I “had the power.” Yes, it’s lame. It gets worse when you look at my listening playlist. But it worked.

That’s my tale of how I finished Nanowrimo early. The end. Good writing, everyone!


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