5 Horror Flavored Podiobooks for Halloween

It’s Halloween and podiobooks.com has free audiobooks to scare your brain. Here are ten with classical archetypical horror crap related to them.

1) Boo! The Bogeyman! or Closet Treats by Paul E. Cooley.

So we have the creepy Ice Cream Man traveling the neighborhood while our poor narrator keeps reliving trauma at the hands of a scary glowy-eyed Closet Man. Toss in the the occasional hints that our hero may actually be dangerous and a very charming and well-developed family dynamic and this story brings back all the worst childhood horrific fantasies. Warning: The publisher’s tagline is “We don’t believe in happy endings.” He ain’t talking massages, kids. This really doesn’t have a happy ending.

2) Woo! Frankenstein will get you! Actually, his monster. Ancestor by Scott Sigler.

Like Frankenstein, this story takes its sweet time establishing the characters, science, background, and world before the monster even has a glimmer of an appearance. I’m about halfway through and wasn’t sure what to think when I started. Now I’m convinced the ending is going to go insane, that horrific bioengineered attempts to save humanity from disease will kill us all, and that Scott Sigler will get me to read something else by him when I finish this one.

3) Blue! Creepy small towns like Twin Peaks and Silent Hill. All Roads Lead To Blue Lake by Marc Vale.

This short story collection features the the small town of Blue Lake. The first story is by far my favorite but the others continue to build a world of strange coincidence and creepy mystery, making us wonder just what is going on here.

4) Krue! As in Freddy Kruegar! The Horde by Patrick Scaffido.

A maniacally insane psychopath whispering things in the ear of the narrator as he dreams bizarre dark fantasies trying to tempt him further and further into bad decisions and the unleashing of a dark ancient horror. Meanwhile it kills innocent people while they sleep just because it can. Fair warning: I wrote this book.

5) Woo-hoo! The Patrick Swayze sexy ghost pottery scene in Ghost! Erotica a la Carte by Philippa Ballantine.

Warning: This book was written for mature readers. I don’t know any mature readers, but it has that warning label on it. I guess that means over 18, right?

Anyway, the first story from this short story collection is an awesome ghost story of a haunted library during World War II in Nazi-occupied France and is romantic, hot, and scary at times. The rest of the collection is good too but the first story is what really stands out in my memory.

There you have it. Five suggested podiobooks that I enjoy listening too. Checking them out, signing up for a podiobooks account, rating the books, leaving comments, and emailing the authors to tell them they scared your pants off are all encouraged activities. Go on, get busy reading. We both know all the really good parties happened on Saturday anyway. (Or did they?)


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