This Inspirational Blog Entry Sucks, But Will Inspire You To Action

I really should write a blog entry and I don’t want to. I’ve been avoiding it. Prior to today this has been for good reasons such as final revisions for episode 10 of Storyteller Chronicles: the Horde or starting my new writing project.

But it’s something whose time is come. Neil Gaiman once said that if you only write when inspired, you may be a great poet, but you’ll never be a great novelist. Philippa Ballantine sometimes doesn’t feel like writing but she puts on her “grown up trousers” (her words, from twitter) and writes anyway.

So this blog entry is my grown up trousers. I have a headache, I want to go home and play Dragon Quest 9 or rewatch Lost backwards or by myself a dozen brownies, but instead I’m writing this entry.

“But Patrick,” you may ask, “why are you writing a blog entry you know will suck?”

Becuase, I say, the most important lesson I’ve learned from all the awesome people I’ve met in the past sixth months (including myself) is that writers write, whether or not they feel like it.

I think of it like hiking. You build up your endurance hiking not by going on a long hike once every few years but by hiking often. Maybe not every day, but often.

Writing is the same way. Some days you aren’t inspired. Some days it’s raining and you’d rather do something mindless. Some days you want to throw in the towel and apply for a job at the local Dollar Store. Those are the days you keep writing not because you want to, but because writers write.

Because you (or in this case, me) have learned that not writing is a fate worse than death and you’ve been down that road so your options are either not write and no the outcome will suck in the end or write, knowing it will suck, but knowing it’s a step towards something better.

Once I’ve pounded out my 500 or so words here and my 3 pages of my new novel, I’ll polish my next chapter and realize that even though I lazed through most the day I still made major progress on my goals- that even at 922 PM one day late for my planned posting schedule I can still make progress and move forward.

So presented for you approval: a blog entry that could best be described as a steaming pile of crap, a blog entry that doesn’t ask that you read it, but instead asks that you go do something you know you’re usually passionate about, right now, no matter how blah you’re feeling. You know you’ll feel better for it tomorrow and every day after that.


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