The Dilemma of Displeasure

I don’t like tossing out negativity. It generally makes my mouth feel salty afterward and not in the good “kissing a girl you’ve wanted to kiss for over a decade” salty but the “dang I just swallowed the ocean” bad salty.

So when I keep going back to a restaurant that has food I love and service I hate, I just don’t know what to do. Do you publicize is and say “look man get it done” or do you just quietly stop going? We have all these social networking tools- sometimes I’m tempted to attempt a tempeh coup and get temporary free drinks till they get their business straight.

But I just don’t like to operate like that.

I’ve spoken with the manager. I tip well. I’m polite. I just don’t want to have to go pour myself a second cup of coffee. Actually, I don’t mind doing it myself if they’d let me behind the bar to do so.

I’m thinking my next step is write a letter to the owner- a polite one praising all the reasons that I want to continue my patronage and why lately I always leave unhappy. I don’t know. I hate starting drama and I really love their food.

Plus it’s one of the nicest places to go to do internet work at ten at night and make up stories about Felicia Day’s Pink Floyd Cover Band.

I want to be happy. I’m not.

So what’s the solution people? Internet, guide me to wisdom!


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