Songs for the Horde: Nick Cave’s The Good Son

One album I listen to get in the mood to write the Horde is Live Seeds from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and especially the song The Good Son.

This song catches much of the mood I want to be in when writing the Horde, but also touches on a number of the family issues that may not be apparent yet but are central to the story of the Horde.

The cursing of one’s own virtue, the son trying to be good then choosing to rebel, one more man gone to the dark side, temptation, the life of the farmer vs the life of the villain, worship/vilification of family members as heroes, calling to the deaf for help, wrapping oneself in the darkness, and the added bonus that Nick Cave just plain rocks.

Take a listen:

If you’re keeping score, this song touches on Bridan, Terry, Beastman, Astrid, Cyrack and the voice’s complex and ugly relationships. It’ll make sense by the end of the story.

You can hear the Storyteller Chronicles: The Horde at or by clicking here.


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