On Publication Schedules

Dear internet podcasting publishing gurus,

I have no idea what to do next and am faced with a gigantic dilemma. The path forward in some ways is quite clear: finish recording the Horde and complete the release.

However, my confusion lies in the “how” of accomplishing this action. Originally I had thought to release one chapter a week starting next week. Since there are 56 chapters and five already released, this means approximately a year from now readers get the conclusion of the book.

An alternative that has occurred to me due is to finalize the release as fast as possible and make as many episodes as possible available as soon as possible. There are financial incentives with this approach, though it impacts my attempts to balance producing the Horde with the next Storyteller Chronicles book.

I’m not sure how it will impact the print release I’m working on for the Horde- I figure it’ll likely result in a faster release of a print version with a lower quality revision and possibly more work required for promotion. I was originally on making the print release available before I had released the final audio episode.

The Horde is a completed 56 chapter novel though I’m doing some structural revisions to make individual bits of it more enjoyable. If I read a chapter and don’t feel it’s awesome, I rewrite till I’ve changed my mind. The ending of the book quakes in fear because I want an awesome ending-ending, not just a book that stops hoping you’ll buy the “sequel.”

I’ve reviewed what I understand of the Robin Sullivan method (her comment on Monday’s blog gives you some good guidance to an intro to her method and  I’d suggest to her blog and reading everything). I’ve come to the following conclusions:

It’s in my best interest to create a large back catalogue of books to have available.

It’s in my best interest to actively promote my book.

It’s in my best interest to monitor the price of my book to maximize my income from writing.

None of this really helps me address the decision above so I’ve got some serious thinking to do. It doesn’t change the immediate next steps (recording, revising, producing, uploading, writing) but the long term vision is important.

So if anyone out there has wisdom, please share it with this humble (well, ok, somewhat humble) newbie.

The only thing I feel certain of is that at the moment I’m currently feeling stuck with a dichotomous choice. Usually that means what I need to do is find the option C that is hiding in the shadows that is a better plan than either option A or option B.

Help me internet publication gurus or random people with interesting ideas, you’re my only hope.


4 thoughts on “On Publication Schedules

  1. Hey Patrick, Marc Vale here, I’d suggest you put out two episodes a week if you can swing it. I don’t know if you have that kind of time to push them out, but, if you do, your fans would most likely be happy with the amount of audio they get to here and later it may free you up for more writing time. Good luck to you on that one!
    On your question about me, I used to teach music and went to Berklee and Grove School of Music back in the day.
    Take care man,

    • Thanks for your comment Marc. So listeners would prefer two episodes a week?

      I’m revising as I record so while I’d like to get 2 out a week, sometimes the rewriting revision process requires that a chapter stew a little bit longer before I can get out a quality product. I could have had chapter 7 out today as well though I would have felt it was a chapter I didn’t put my best into. That’s the tough thing I’m trying to balance. I’m hoping to pick up the pace as I figure out audacity. 🙂

  2. 56 chapters is a lot of chapters – I would try to put up a couple at a time (if at all possible). But don’t get too tied up in knots about all this. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint. You don’t need to rush rush rush. Building momentum takes time and happens by putting one foot in front of the other.

    • Thanks! So while it’s important to keep the constant rate of production, it’s important not to move too fast as well? I have a bit of a road till I get to the “huge back catalog ” that you find so successful.

      Could you tell who this post was addressed to? 😉

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