My book Storyteller Chronicles: The Horde was released today & I bought myself a pretty new book from a used bookstore.

Today was the release party for Storyteller Chronicles: The Horde on The party closes down in about two hours so I’m not going to send out invites but feel free to come by and get the last of the virtual cookies.

Virtual Cookies for the Horde Release Party

Virtual Cookies for the Horde Release Party

Maybe it’d be redundant but I want to thank everyone for coming/sharing the link/etc etc. I spent Monday’s post  thanking people so I’ll do something different but honestly, that’s where my heart is.

I especially want to thank the 100 people who downloaded the first chapter, the 30 people who subscribed, and the 35 people who attended the release party. Would it be trite to name names yet again of all the awesome people who helped make this day an awesome one for me and my little book?

I had recorded some videos for the party with interesting Horde fun facts and due to technical difficulties they were not succesfully uploaded. After rewatching them, I’m quite glad my phone didn’t want to let me upload videos I recorded at 2 am this morning.

I’m still debating whether to go forward with the spoken word release as well. I prefer the the music version personally though recording the spoken word one is quite easy. If you’d prefer that version, please drop me a line, otherwise I’ll be focusing my energies on finishing the music version as well as an Ebook/print release.

I’d like to suggest that, if you’re new to podiobooks, that you sign up for a membership there (it’s free) and get some other books besides my own. There are quite a few really awesome ones. Once you get started on the website and get your subscriptions set up, it largely takes care of itself.

I celebrated by going to my local bookstore and unearthing an unread copy of Jacek Yerka and Harlan Ellison’s Mind Fields, one of my favorite books ever. I’ll likely spend the rest of the evening staring at surreal paintings once I get out of this coffee shop.

Finally, I’d like to thank squirrelnutz76 for sending me the best spam email I’ve ever received. I won’t reprint it here, because it isn’t appropriate for children… or anyone else.

Coming soon: I had a dream where I interviewed the bassist for Felicia Day’s Pink Floyd Cover Band, which I may write up and share with you all for giggles. Or if you prefer, for the lulz.



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