Hit with a Giant Brand: Just what is this thing I’m making for @podiobooks

I wrote a novel. That part was easy. I learned to play guitar. That was easy too. I decided to combine the novel with my love of music and beat poetry so in my upcoming release of The Horde from podiobooks, I wanted to combine narration, guitar, musical performance, and storytelling to create a hybrid pastiche. This sounded really great until I started trying to tell people what I’m doing.

I told someone I was writing a podcast novel. They listened to it and said, “What’s with all the singing. I’m confused.”

I told someone I was writing a musical podcast novel. They listened to it and said, “This isn’t a music. It’s got music, but it isn’t a musical.”

This is what I’m struggling with: telling people what it is closely enough so that they don’t have other expectations when they listen to the file. For the novel, I’m combining elements of surrealism, poetry, horror, epic fantasy, majorly unreliable narration, and Bildungsroman.

For the audio, I’m combining elements of folk music, Lydia Lunch covers of Jack Kerouac that I listened to growing up, sa touch of the alternative music I love, Pink Floyd concept albums, and how I imagine epic poetry might have been performed in the 8th century.

How the heck do I sum that up? When I had this problem with the music I play, I came up with the term “acoustic alternatrash deathfolk.” Suddenly people started knowing what to expect when I picked up the guitar.

I guess I need to do the same with but so far when I tell someone I’m doing a Celtic Bard Ninja Style Podcast featuring Deathfolk, the stare at me blankly and pretend I’m speaking French.


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