Ch3 uploaded, Ch4 almost ready, on track for being done with my part by next week

Apart from some hiccups revising chapter 3, I’ve actually really enjoyed recording this so far. I almost gave up on the music part but it’s sticking around. By next Monday I’m aiming to give you something you can’t get anyway else I know of: celtic bardic ninja style epic poetry fantasy surrealistic horror with a side of remoulade.

After almost throwing in the towel on the music, I revisited the central conceit of the whole series I’m working on: that these are stories shared around a campfire at the end of the world in the hopes of learning somethign that might help. I haven’t really delved in to that here but I”m sure’ll there’ll be a post about it soon. The idea is I want these novels to function as a chaotic surrealistic version of Chris Guillebeau while the main characters attempt to figure out how to stop the very end of time itself and then attempt to figure out if they should.

I’ve uploaded the “pumped up” version of Chapter 1 with what I believe to be better narration and audio quality. You can find it at here.

There’s also a new survey here. Any feedback you can give about the sound quality would be most appreciated. Thanks everyone who has been listening/reading so far. Your support has kept me going when my lazy narrator Terry would have given up.


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