For NY gay marriage day: 10top gay fictional characters

In this 10top I’ll review 10 of my favorite potentially gay characters from various media since this whole NY marriage thing passed today. The list isn’t exhaustive, exclusive, or in order. That would be a “Top 10” and I don’t play that way. Who’d I miss? I’d love your comments.

Note: This post is rated PG for Parental Guidance suggested. Many of the works cited contain adult language, themes, or visuals. If you are a minor, please make sure to talk to your parents about this stuff and anything else you have questions about.

1. Willow from Buffy: If you take the whole “gay” thing from later in the series and look, her whole relationship with Xander and Buffy is much more complicated and interesting- could you write a Willow/Cordelia paired up fiction? Yes. Yes, you could. I liked how she was written for most of her relationship with Tara as well, but looking back at early shows her complicated relationship with intimacy, both physical and emotional. I still think I’d like to have seen more of her and Tara.

2. Angel from Buffy, season 2: I just always got the sense that he would have been totally happy if Spike had joined in with him and Drusilla, as long as he got to be the alpha vampire. Don’t even try to tell me it never happened. Later, on his own show, he keeps denying. Methinks the vamp doth protest too much.

3. Kellen Frey from the Slipstream Con: He turns himself in to a pair of married bounty hunters then tries to seduce him. A year before, he’s spying on them on their second honeymoon and making sketches to record the moment. He’s creepy, lonely, and yet… charming.

4. Zevran from Dragon Age: It’s not that he’s a gay elf. We have Legalos from the Lord of the Rings movies making eyes at Gimli the whole time for that. Zevran brings a) total honesty and b) total acceptance of his sexuality. He’s got his issues, sure, but he’s comfortable being gay without needing to repeatedly remind the player that he’s gay. Willow, I love you, but I’m looking at you and your repeated “Hello, I’m gay now” comments.

5. Captain Jack Harkness of Dr. Who and Torchwood: I like to imagine the future he comes from as a time when humanity has evolved completely beyond prejudice. In the case of Captain Jack, that primarily manifests as a willingness to couple with anything, regardless of race, gender, or species. He doesn’t care if you’re man, woman, white, black, Timelord, canine, etc., if he finds you attractive, that’s all that matters. Yet for all that, he isn’t a sex crazed playboy. He forms deep emotional attachments to his love interests regardless of whether they’ve resulted in actually consummated sexual relationships. Plus, he also doesn’t run around shouting about how gay he is.

6. Obi Wan Kenobi from Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith: He just seems so gosh darn jealous of Padme to me. I reference Family Guy’s casting for their Star Wars to support this. I guess I’m not really serious about this one. It just amused me.

Real #6. David Bowie from David Bowie: The character of David Bowie as he portrays himself in his work through songs, dress up, live performance, and subtle innuendo; NOT the actual human being. His outfits and lyrical content create a sense of omnisexuality we eventually see with the abovementioned Captain Jack.

7. Silk Spectre from Watchmen: her violent murder gets to me- she goes from hero to hated so quickly with revelation of her sexuality. I bet there are politicians today on both sides of the aisle who avoid coming out just because of how much this might influence the way they’re viewed.

8. Nagai Akatsuki from Nadesico: e mostly shows interest in Akito’s girlfriend for most of the series but there are some pretty telling in the “man to man” talks he has. I really think he’s trying too hard. Plus he has a Backstreet Boys style dance number in the movie.

9. Koji Nakamura from Bronze and Zetsuai: I’m not a shonen ai fan, but a good character is a good character. He’s a rich spoiled brat who risks his career, inheritance, and limbs for a love he has trouble accepting for himself.

10. Ieson Mink from Ai no Kusabi: Take a straight man at the top of a society even more stratified than Earth, have him fall in love with another guy on the bottom rung. Imagine the classism, racism, and violence that would come out if a President was revealed to be in love with a lower class man with mixed ethnicity. That’s Ieson’s antagonist. Judge him by it.

Bonus: Ancient Greek Poets? Gilgamesh and Enkidu? Modern American Politicians?


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