So Nobilis sent me an email with a very important observation about my site. “I have no idea,” he said, “What *The Horde* is.” In an attempt to solve the problem, I have created this: an FAQ!

Please take a look and tell me if it clears things up. As a dedicated surrealist, I have only a loose connection to this world that makes sense to everyone else but I’m really trying quite hard.

I love answering questions, even when I have no idea of the correct answers, so please feel free to email me or contact me on twitter. Or comment. Or send me a index card covered in crayon drawings if I’ve given you my address. Cuz that would be kind of cool.

Coming soon the first edition of Author Interviews Fictional Character will be posted. Chapter 3 of the Horde is about to be recorded. Look forward to it because they’ll be awesome. Till then, don’t lose your head!

I have the vibe that soon I’ll be getting sick of the head puns.


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