My cover blurb needs serious feedback

I finished a draft of the cover blurb and seriously need feedback. Here it is:

The Horde, a mysterious force that brings nightmares to life, devours everything in its path. .

Bridan, a lone traveller, seeks the key to the Horde’s destruction at the expense of all else- bystanders, worlds, and broken lives be damned.

Cyrack, the Horde’s insane master, has followed Bridan across the Worldcycle seeking Bridan’s heart- literally.

Terry is caught between them, dreaming their battles across the blasted wastes of Farrakan from the safety of his dull nine to five life and the arms of his loving girlfriend.

None of this is true.

Terry has glimpsed the hideous intelligence hiding behind the struggle and it has driven him mad.

Something watches, hungers, and manipulates events keeping the Horde moving ever closer to the center of creation, leaving

only empty husks in its wake.

Planet by planet, town by town, life by life, friend by friend, Bridan makes his way forward.

And as the Horde follows without rest, Terry knows that their next destination is Earth.


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