Celtic Bard Ninja Style

I received what I’m taking as a huge compliment from Evo Terra yesterday on my submission to podiobooks: he said he “Just never had anything like that before.” Yes I know that sentence has multiple meanings. As Churchill said when I misquoted him, “Optimism is more productive than pessimism,” or something like that.

I’ve been wanting to go for this whole 8th century Beowulf skald meets 2nd century bc greek lyric poetry meets Pink Floyd concept album thing for quite some time, which I’m terming “Celtic Bard Ninja Style” in contrast to the “Acoustic Alternatrash Deathfolk” I usually engage in. I’m not saying it’ll be good. I’m saying it’ll range from awful to awesome, a roller coaster of musicional storyish goodness. I, for one, am still psyched. Plus it sort of lets me indulge in my life long dream of being part of a musical rock opera.


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